Bristol University 10 Mile TT

On Saturday 12th March, both me and Dad rode another individual time trial at the Bristol University Cycling Club Open 10 mile TT.
Once at the event, it was a case of signing at race HQ, and then heading out on the roads to warm up, before getting back to the start line and sorting myself out for the effort. I was well hydrated, warmed up and felt good at the start.
I set off well, and got up to speed quickly, and with that my heart rate got to the correct level. I was able to crack along at a good speed, and at a steady cadence. I rode to a higher heart rate than previously, and going up the climbs, I didn’t control it as much, so it rose and then dropped a bit on the descents. Heading to the roundabout I tried to keep a high effort, which I then was looking to sustain on the return leg.
I got slowed at the roundabout, and traffic isn’t going to stop, and then I found it hard to get up to the same speeds again, as for the initial sprint, I couldn’t accelerate as quickly as I had previously. On the way back on the climbs and headwinds my speed dropped, and I began to run out and die towards the two miles to go mark.I fought through this, but was conscious I was slowing, and unable to increase speed massively.
After the line I was completely empty and I knew from that I had done a good job. Today seemed to be one of the weird days where there is never a moment when the wind is at your back, it always seemed to be a headwind, which was frustrating.
I ended up doing a 24:08, which I was very pleased with as I hadn’t rider the course before, and Dad also did very well, riding a 25:45, which he was happy with although he would have been quicker if not for the roundabout!
After the cool down ride back to the HQ, it was time to head back home and prepare for a crit up in Oxfordshire on the Sunday. A report to follow…