Newport Youth Omnium

The final regional omnium of the series for the southern region was held at Newport. The omnium series hadn’t gone brilliantly for me, the first one was rained off, I didn’t perform massively well at Maindy, and I had been unable to ride the one at Palmer Park due to a crash the Thursday before. So for this one I aimed to do well, whilst I knew I couldn’t qualify, it would be important to prove myself. The events would be 1km Pursuit, Elimination, Scratch and Points race.

On the rollers for the warm up for the pursuit, at the start I was feeling great going into the pursuit. I got away well but the rear wheel slipped and sliced all over the track. From here on in I was fighting to make up for that, but towards the end I died off, and came across the line knowing I couldn’t go for much longer. I was disappointed with my run, I couldn’t help the start, but I knew that I should have gone quicker.

Start of the scratch was comfortable, I made sure I was on the right wheels throughout. This payed off, as when it went I was able to jump on the back of the strong break away. I then spent the rest of the race out there. I came across the line dead, but happy with my final placing.

By the elimination I was feeling a bit tired, so I used my knowledge to shelter and do as little work as possible. I was able to remain in it for a long time, and towards the end I was having to come over the top every time. I should have come down onto the front instead of having to sprint each time. I couldn’t get around a rider, so I went out 8th, but I was happy with this, although I knew it could easily be improved.

In the points race I made an attack off the front before the first sprint, as I saw two strong sprinters stalking each other high, so saw a chance. I was joined by a rider, and we got an advantage. Going into the bell lap I committed the crime of looking backwards for the pack, instead of focussing on the sprint. I was about to come out in the final banking, but was swamped, so finished an agonising 5th. From there on in I was just surviving, and staying with the group. I gave it my all in the final sprint, making sure I was high up in the end of the race. I didn’t get points which was annoying, but I was glad to have given it a go rather than sit in the pack for all the time.
It was my best omnium by far, and a shame that they had to end there, as I felt that towards the end of the day that I was coming into a good track tactics head. I was pleased with how I’d ridden, and knew without issues in the pursuit I would be a lot higher up in the standings.